Christmas cooking!. "Вершина" - коттедж в Карпатах, г. Яремче.

Christmas cooking!


Every yearon the eve ofNew Year holidays, weboughtChristmas treesand decorated them.We alsodecoratedour "relaxationarea"with freshboughsoffir,they give thesmell of the forestand the feeling thatliein the woods nearthe tree.But this yearwe have putartificialChristmas trees-sorrywe buyliveChristmas trees,cut down.From freshbrancheshave not yetabandoned, asthe treeafterthe cutoffdoes not die.
         And sinceChristmas treeswere purchasedand installed,anddressed upwith garlandsandtoys(thanks tothe Chinesefor thegarland.)Adorned withall the bedroomsand living rooms- childrenwill be interested.But the highlightofNew Year'sdecorationwas"relaxationzone".I will notwrite a lot, andwill setjust aphoto.