Ourpartnership project- a house witha stoveHutsul

Ourpartnership project- a house witha stoveHutsul!!!

At a distance of200 metersfrom the cottage“Vershina” builta housewith a stove.He hasa capacityfor 4 people,but you canput6 people,especially if it’skids.Woodencottagewith a beautiful viewof the mountains.His featureyavlyaetsyaoven.

          The houseis always warm andcozy.On the stovecanwarm upafter skiing, you can alsovygret”bad back.Itis possible to preparefood, orjust look at theblazing fire.

          In the near futurewe will makea separate section onthis house,with a detailed description.

Now thepictureof thehouseand its interiorappearance.

Entrance to the house.

We fallinto the hall,veranda,where you cancelebrate the NewYear,without taking upspace in your kitchenor room.

Porch withlarge windows thatwouldfeel andsee it

Inthe hallwayto the kitchen toget.

From the kitchenyou can go tothe room with thestove.

We go up thewooden stairsto the second floor, where themaster bedroom.


Here is acozy bedroom.

The view from thebalcony on thedescent.