Calm on the "Vershina"

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Rest in Carpathians helps relieve urban stress restores good health.Surprising beauty of nature.Here,clean air coniferous mountain valleys.A person feels happy cheerful healthy.Many rivers waterfalls, is whereto swim, fish.On arrival at the cottage “Vershina” a cozya partment, herbal tea with honey near the warm fireplace.Time for the tip can be done in different ways:

– Visits tothe ski resort“Bukovel”

– Visitingthe waterfallZhenets

– Visitingthe waterfallGuk

Climb MountMakovytsya.

– A campaignGoverla

– Hiketo the lakeNesamovite

– Walkson horses

– Tripson quad bikes

In the fallcampaignsfor mushrooms

– fishing

And of course,enjoyingthe surroundingsof the forestand mountainsaround the “Vershina.”You can sitin the gazebo witha glass ofteaand watchthe starrynebo.Taknot want to leavethis place!But thegood news isthatthere is a desireto come back hereagain and again.