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Apartment with the stove

Apartment with a gorgeous double bed and two places for kids on the stove-couch


Apartment with a fireplace

Comfortable apartment with double bed, collapsible bed and a fireplace, where it’s nice to bask in the evenings


Cottage in Yaremche

The house is designed for 4 people, but 6 people can be accomodated if desired, especially if there are kids


Renting a house in the Carpathians is the best solution for a vacation

If you decide to spend your vacation in the Carpathians, we recommend to stay in the wonderful Hutsul town of Yaremche. This resort is filled with incredibly beautiful terrain, Hutsul flavour, cheerfulness and happiness atmosphere. There are many picturesque and colorful places in the Carpathians where to find a low-cost rental housing.

Vershina apart-hotel will be happy to give you the opportunity to stay away from the hustle and bustle, city noise and the tiring pace of civilization. We offer you to rent a house or a comfortable room with an incredible view of the mountain peaks and dense Carpathian forests in Yaremche. From your windows you can see the slopes of Mount Makovytsia, admire the beauty of Mount Hamster, watch as the wind blow through magnificent coniferous trees.

Why you should rent a house in Yaremche from us?

Our houses in Yaremche are made of natural, ecological materials, making them completely safe for health and the environment. The building materials used in the construction of the premises are natural stones and high-quality local wood.

The house has natural ventilation, which does not harm the health of clients. In any weather conditions and regardless of the season, the air is clean and fresh as much as it possible and the temperature is maintained within the established norms.

Thanks to a responsible approach to providing functional service throughout the day, the rooms in our hotel retain freshness, neatness and cosiness. After a long walk, it is always nice to return to a clean, fresh and cozy house to spend time calmly and slowly there.

The most comfortable location, designed for the convenience of tourists, allows you to return home after a hike in the mountains or excursion to the waterfall without wasting time.

Vershina apart-hotel guarantees regular cleaning of apartments and ventilation of rooms, regardless of whether you come for a few days or for a long vacation. Visitors who love and appreciate cleanliness, often return to us, because the hotel staff is trying hard to provide clients with a comfortable and relaxed vacation.

Houses in Vershina apart-hotel in Yaremche contain everything you need for living. We provide all the necessary resources for a comfortable pastime during the hot summer days and at the time of cold and snowy weather. The house in Yaremche has a total area is 45 square metres and is designed to accommodate four people, but the quantity of amenities and technical accessories are designed to accommodate two more people if necessary.

Features of renting houses in Yaremche from the Vershina apart-hotel

Surrounded by nature, dense coniferous meadows and mountain peaks, the wooden houses in Yaremche look incredibly harmonious with the surrounding space. This design solution conveys the traditions of local culture and symbolically combines nature with civilization.

And of course an important role is played by the environmental factor of such a house. After all, many people come to the Carpathians precisely for the purpose of recovery, and want to protect themselves from the usual metal structures for the city.

  • The presence of a stove in the rooms.

Our feature is unique stove-couches. They are decorated with individual patterns and painted in attractive colors. It is noteworthy that the stove is not only a design idea and decoration of the room, but besides a functional element of the interior, because on a cold winter evening you can warm up on the stove after an invigorating walk.

  • Availability of necessary furniture and appliances.

All appliances and furniture in the house are designed for long and comfortable stay of tourists. If necessary, you can use all existing facilities for your own purposes. We have comfortable toilets, separate showers, well-equipped kitchen, utensils. In addition, there are standard services such as TV and Wi-Fi.

  • Amazing view from the window.

You can see the incredible beauty of landscapes, mountain slopes, rivers and trees everywhere whichever window you look in. Yaremche is located surrounded by mountains and forest, in the valley of the Prut River, so fabulous landscapes and beautiful panoramas will “haunt” you everywhere.

  • Food delivery.

Quality service of Vershina apart-hotel provides a very convenient delivery function so our tourists have the opportunity to order food directly to the room.

Renting a house with a fireplace in the Carpathians is always appreciated by couples in love, because a romantic evening by the fireplace, even with a charming view from the window – it’s a magical dream.
If you want to relax and immerse yourself in the rich beauty of nature, just rent a house in the Carpathians. Here you will not only relax, but also be filled with incredible energy and vigor. Houses from the Vershina apart-hotel will give you an unforgettable vacation in purity, beauty and comfort!