Ride is called .... "Вершина" - коттедж в Карпатах, г. Яремче.

Ride is called ...


On Wednesday, agreed with our guests, that tomorrow, that is, on Thursday, we would go to "Bukovel" skiing. All tuned. As the bitter cold on the street was and is, the preparation began in the evening: warm clothing were prepared, removed the battery from the machine, so you can start the engine in the morning calm.

Thus, the rise in the morning at 6:00, on the street -22 Celsius - so fresh! Dress warmly, preparing to launch a car with anticipation ... we were plant and happy that everything was going for the rest of the company. And Georgia was going to hire for the equipment. After we left Yaremche for "Bukovel" and closely following the performance sensor for "overboard". The farther from the Yaremche, the colder it becomes ....... -22 ..... -24 ..... -26 ...... -28. At -28 degrees, our trip was over - frozen diesel!! Ride ... While waiting for the car, which we towed home chilled through and through everything. Then we have lasted up to gas stations, where we pour any fuel additives and successfully brought the car, but somehow it did not work reliably. Desire to travel to ride was over, went home to get warm by the fire and drink tea. That's the story!