Vacationing in the Carpathians. How beautiful it is?

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You can relax in the Carpathians all, regardless of tastes, preferences and budget. Carpathian spring awakening. In the summer, Carpathian will grant you a mass of fruit. Winter – a perfect time for skiing. In autumn, you can change from the observer, an inveterate “mushroom picker.” Here, in the Carpathian Mountains, you will feel the pulse of the Earth and discover new things.

Since the Carpathian Mountains – one of the oldest mountain ranges of Europe, there lies a lot of ski resorts. All of them, with excellent infrastructure, well equipped with lifts, well-equipped routes. Very popular in the Carpathians: Bukovel.

In the summer, many people prefer to rest, referred to as “green.” This horseback riding, swimming in rivers, hiking, rafting, aeroshutny sport. In the Carpathians, a large number of springs. As rivers Carpathians organized a large number of alloys. Due to the fact that the Carpathians are not very high, they are sufficiently earthquake-resistant. Resorts are located in a very convenient location. Here you can practice and downhill skiing and snowboarding. Carpathian Mountains – one of the cleanest in Europe. In the Carpathians can climbing (mountain Hoverla),skiing, snowboarding. In addition, in the forests of the Carpathians can hunt, and in the rivers – a large number of fish. Therefore, many people come here and still fishing. The hotels are places to rent any equipment. And more. If you want to get a decent shot of adrenaline – at your service, paragliding, quad bike trips. Float in the air, “rudderless” – a fairy tale. People come here to relax with their families. Hospitable hosts private manors, delicious national dishes in restaurants, clean air and a sense of color Hutsul – a holiday in comfort, with all my heart.

Ski resorts are suitable for families with children. Due to snow-covered mountain, cozy hotels, national cuisine and national Hutsul coloring you will be provided with a complete rest. In Bukovel excellent infrastructure, good condition runs of varying difficulty (from red to black, designed for aces.) 35 km from Bukovel is located Yaremche, where many restaurants, kolyba mass of hotels and Sadyba. In Yaremche bugilnyh has two lifts and they are located near the cottage, “Vershina.” They are designed for beginners and those who are too lazy to go to Bukovel.

In the resorts Carpathians well organized recreation for children and adults. In the Carpathians, especially in Yaremche, there are many camps for children’s recreation. For them, being organized many trips, excursions, game programs and simply wonderful holiday. If you come to the Carpathian Mountains, you’ll love it. Experiences will be a lot, and you will rest fine.