Rest in Carpathians in the summer or winter?

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Most recently, it was believed that the best time of year for holiday – summer. Why summer? It’s simple – summer ripe fruit, warm sea. Now everything is slowly changing. People learn to relax, learn to build a vacation anyway, and seasonality of disappearing. As in summer, winter offers us endless options of winter recreation: beautiful nature, New Year tree at somewhere in the top of the mountain, skiing and ice skating in the scenic lake. If you want to get away from the snow, slush and gray, it is necessary to get to where the temperature is approximately equal to our room.

A great place for a winter holiday the Carpathians. What could be better than fresh mountain air, pure mountain streams, flower meadows and spruce forests? Rest in Carpathians best opportunity to spend your vacation, holidays and other holidays with family and friends at an affordable price. Holidays winter passes without snow and frost. This is a great time for skiers and snowboarders. Tourists are invited to ski, snowboard, and ride in a sleigh pulled by horses. Amateurs offer warm relaxing in a bath with tea collection of Carpathian Carpathian herbs with this honey, relax in the fireplace room with an interesting book and a glass of mulled wine or a conversation with your loved ones.

Summer Holidays in the Carpathians will not leave anyone indifferent. This rest will suit absolutely everyone: for those who want to stay in silence, and those who love active holiday who want to improve their health. First of all, it’s summer holiday excursions, rafting on mountain rivers, hiking to the tops of the mountains, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing and many other exciting activities.

           Winter and summer holidays offer many other countries: Thailand, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and many others. These countries offer a wonderful summer vacation, and it is a great winter vacation, but rest in Carpathians use different so there is no need to prepare for it – took things and a good mood and went :-). Relax and enjoy, not only in summer but also in winter!