Summertime - a holiday with children. "Вершина" - коттедж в Карпатах, г. Яремче.

Rest in Carpathianswith Kids!


A lotof people comeeach yearin theCarpathian Mountainsto relax,buteverytimethey are peoplewith different goalsand desires.

Our experienceshows thatin winterthe main streamof peoplecomingto rest -these are peoplewho wantan active rest.That is,people whogo skiing,snowboarding,sledding,snowmobiling.Of course, vacationerswho come not onlyfor the "gurney,"but simplya breath offresh air,healthy andretirefrom the city.........changethe situation.


Summertime- a holidaywith children

In the summer - a holiday with children. Rest in Carpathians with their children more and more popular with the people of central and southern Ukraine, where there is lack of clean air and clean water.

The basis of our guests in the summer - a family with children. Except for the holiday can also improve your health as drinking pure (not to be confused with purified) water and breathe the mountain air - is the foundation of health, not only children but also adults. We, the cottage "Vershina" but still offer a comfortable living and active classes for children:

- Walking
- Hiking
Gatheringof raspberries and blueberries near the house. (Who first arrives, he will gather :-))))))
- Horseback riding
- Cycling
- Swimming in our little lake. Kids really like to jump into his "bombs"
- Visit the aviary, where you can see wild animals
- If necessary with a child can spend time nanny.
- The territory is a rocker, sandpit
- You can go to the river to bathe

We are always very happy when people come to us with the kids. We try to make a holiday with us as comfortable and memorable.

Now, a few photos.



Поездка на водопад Гук. Отдых в Карпатах с детьми.

Отдых в Карпатах с детьми. Водопад Гук


Mountain Rivernear the "Vershina"

Речка возле коттеджа

Купание детей в холодной воде). Так отдыхают дети в Карпатах:-)

on the walk

Дети в Карпатских горах. Отдых в Карпатах с детьми.


Отдых в Карпатах с детьми, конные прогулки в Яремче


At the "Vershina"

На территории нашего коттеджа. Отдых после длительных походов по горам Карпат

Купание в озерце на Купание в озерце на

Качелька с видом на горы)




Рыбалка в Карпатах. Ловля форели


Thanksto our guestsfor anyphotos.