Autumn holidays in the Carpathians, in its jewel - Yaremche

Autumn holidays in the Carpathians, in its jewel – Yaremche

With the arrival of autumn, when it becomes clear that the summer is gone for good, and depressing rain pounding on the roof, in the morning is cold in autumn, a good mood is not often … And if it is for a period in late fall, dropped your long-awaited vacation, and in general is sad … But – aside sadness and rainy mood! Right now, in September-October and November can be a great stay in Yaremche Carpathians, where nature is celebrating Golden Autumn Ball!

If Lviv now cold and slushy, and the temperature rarely rises above even in the afternoon of 15 degrees Celsius, the weather in the Carpathians is very different. We in the “Vershina” of the night it can be a zero temperature, and in the afternoon – through the warm up to fifteen degrees and above. At the same time – almost no rain, the sun shines during the day fondly. Nature provides the last weeks of good weather, the sea, mushrooms and berries, the opportunity to fish in the crystal clear mountain streams and lakes, hike the mountains and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Another important fact is evidence in favor of the holiday in the Carpathian Mountains right now, are the lowest prices – not the season. What would please our guests, we do discount the fall. Here in the summer, from about May to September, and winter – since the end of December to the beginning of March, more than the rest here in the autumn. Although, of course, looking to compare. Ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland several times more expensive! Carpathian prices very reasonable.

Autumn holidays in the Carpathians – this Indian summer for the latch value.

Autumn holidays in the Carpathians – this Indian summer for the latch value. This is really a good rest and recuperation! Just imagine the dawn outside the window two-storey wooden house on the street … haze hugging the mountains, and in the house of logs crackling in the fireplace, and breakfast mushroom soup and potato pancakes with flavored mushroom gravy, and after breakfast – tea sprigs of wild raspberries, blackberries and blueberries … And then – half a day walking in the mountains, if you wish – picking mushrooms in the forest. Then – a walk, for example, to the waterfall, and then – in a unique barbecue Carpathian kolybe, and – once again walk in the fresh air. Evening bath with wood or overheated house, located near the fireplace again and again to get acquainted with Hutsul cuisine dishes – mushroom soup or soup Hutsul, kruchenyky with mushrooms, fresh sheep’s cheese, banosh – traditional Hutsul dish. The next day hike in the mountains, the mountain meadows where sheep graze and store hay for the winter residents, where they make the real Carpathian cheese – brinzu, which is so close to the sky …

In short, the five to ten days in the paradise of the Carpathians – Discount programs, you will be remembered for a long time! Autumn holidays in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains.

P.S: All photosfrom ourpersonal archives.