NEW YEAR 2013 in the Carpathians: not necessary lift Swiss, Italy we do not need

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If you want to meet the most important holiday of the year in an environment of this winter fairy tale and do not spend a fabulous sum, to spend New Year in Yaremche 2013 – the most sensible decision.

What is the New Year in the Carpathians? By 2013, recreational infrastructure and skiing has evolved so much that gradually began to catch up with the leading resorts in Switzerland and Italy. In contrast to European prices for holidays in the Carpathians in 2013, more than acceptable, but no visa is required.

Whether you’re an experienced camper ski or just want to have fun New Year in the Carpathian Mountains, you will find a suitable alternative holiday.

Hotels and hotels in the Carpathians almost without exception prepared for its tourists Christmas program in 2013 and offer a wide selection of holiday arrivals. The cost of the day in a good private hotel or a large hotel with all amenities and meals – about 600-800 hryvnia for two. No matter what resort you go, be it Bukovel or Dragobrat, you wait for the snow-covered slopes, smart eating, as well as ski, snowboard and toboggan fun.

In addition to luxury holiday in one place at any of the hotels, there is the option to spend New Year in the Carpathian Mountains in the many simple ski jump, trips to the lake or to the waterfall Shipot. If you want to remember for a long time a meeting of the New Year 2013, to gain pleasure with it, please visit the beautiful mountains and lakes of the Carpathian Mountains.

What could be better in the new year than a run on skis through the snow to see the amazing mountain scenery and medieval castles, to taste water from local springs and move out on a sled up a steep slope? If you submit your vacation just the way the New Year in the Carpathians 2013 – exactly what you need!