New year vacation 2019

New year 2019

New Year is the most loved day of the year of all people on earth. A day that connects the past year with the future. The day when close people meet. After all, New Year is a family holiday. They prepare for him in a special way and with love. The smell of mandarin and candy fills all the homes and shops. Children wrote letters to Santa Claus. Those who like to please their loved ones go out of their way to find a cherished gift. All humanity on the globe, under the battle of chimes, makes a wish and hopes for its fulfillment. The air is full of love, magic and joy.

What will bring us a new year? What are your dreams? Who will meet us on our life journey? Where will the wind of change and travel take us? Thousands of thoughts fly by in anticipation of an unknown future and in the hope of good things. And it is at this moment that you want to change something in your life. For a moment, believe in the New Year miracle and be in a fairy tale. In a fairy tale that will present a sea of ​​emotions and unforgettable impressions.

And we know what a New Year’s tale there is! It’s the Carpathians! Away from the bustling metropolises and city bustle, stretched into the proud grandeur of the mountain. In their winter, snow-white outfits, they play with the clouds, sometimes holding them in their path, and then letting go and waiting, again to visit.

The Carpathians are very welcoming and always happy for all travelers. This is the second home that is bored, waiting for you and ready to show you the most beautiful corners of your property. Waterfalls are the pride of the Carpathians. In winter, it is frozen icy giants that impress with their beauty. Nature is the best sculptor. Whoever is fortunate enough to enjoy the stormy streams of summer will not be able to decide for themselves when they are more beautiful in summer or winter. Mountain slopes, ridges and meadows, and lure to themselves. Probably, there is no person who can bypass all these beauties. And what trails nature has created for outdoor enthusiasts. In the Carpathian Mountains it is impossible to breathe, run, and enjoy!

To meet the New Year and Christmas in the Carpathians means to meet it for real: with frosts, snow, starry sky and a lot of positive emotions. The main thing is to choose a hotel that is closer to the stars. One of them is Aparthotel “Vershina”. The hotel complex is located at the top of a ridge, surrounded by mountains and forests. The windows of each room overlook the mountains, so you will have an unforgettable sight in the morning. The on-site restaurant serves delicious home-cooked cuisine. Deruny, bograch, banosh, delicious home-made cheese cheeses and all will complement the Carpathian tea from herbs collected in the Carpathians.

After a long stroll, you will be pleased to warm up by the fireplace or to lie on the reclining stove in the room. But the biggest miracle is to go out in the evening and see the stars, they are long gone in the cities. Remember the Christmas wish that is sure to come true. And if you’re lucky, see Santa’s sleigh! We always believe in a miracle!