Comfortable rooms with a fireplace and oven-stove bench ready to take their guests!. "Вершина" - коттедж в Карпатах, г. Яремче.

Comfortable roomswith a fireplaceand oven-stove benchready to taketheir guests!

Starting fromJanuary 1, 2013, we are readyto takemoreand more visitors.Sincewe now havetwodouble rooms.They are in thevicinity of ourmainkottezhda"top",at the distance of200 m.

           The rooms are ina newbig house.This house hasfourcomfortablerooms and aRussian bath.At the moment,visitorstakeone room with afireplaceand onewith a stove,stove bench.As withlast year, ouroperatingroomwith a stove,heater.

           Each roomhas 45square metersof the total areaof whichis reserved for27m.kvliving room.The roomisequipped with a kitchenandsanitary faiencewith shower.

Some photosaround the houseand thesurroundingsthemselvesavailable.

Entrance to thehouse.

Entrance to the room.

A room with astove.