New Year's vacation in the Carpathian Mountains

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Thundered the first frosts, and, therefore, it is time to plan New Year holidays. You probably will not agree to conduct a week near the flickering screen saver “blue fire” on it, no, in the modern world, drive and active entertainment are the norm, so it is necessary to take care of winter leisure. So fresh and so zaboristye to like in the old days, riding day and night skiing, sledding, hockey fights and hold to insert a carrot instead of a nose snowman, and then, with flushed and happy face, slurp huge gulps scalding tea with wine and honey.

Well, or mulled wine, anyone that. So here it is such a holiday can only be found in one place – in the mountains, in the Carpathians: first, because in cities now wet and slushy, and secondly it is the time from around the world flock to the ski resorts of all lovers of active pastime, which guarantees you a brilliant company and a lot of fun. Yes, and do not have to travel far, the benefit of the Carpathians nearby. And Ukrainian Carpathians, ladies and gentlemen, today is one of the finest recreational resort in the CIS, and Eastern Europe in general. Only here in the winter and in the summer all the conditions for rehabilitation and recreation of thousands of tourists who come to Christmas around the world.

So take with gear (in theory you can go and light, good sports stores enough),warm clothing, and dozens of flasks in a way to conquer the mountain. You can select your destination in travel agencies, and just on the Internet, and some people prefer to go savage and make decisions on the spot. In any case, where would you go: in Bukovel, Yaremche Yablunitsa – everywhere you will find plenty of actual proposals for accommodation (different level of comfort),rental gear and entertainment. And staying here, given the relatively low price level, will certainly make you happy. At ski resorts include all visitors desire: for beginners are schools ride skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and for professionals, tens competition course with jumps and sharp turns; territory is dotted with cozy cafes, where in between the slopes can be a drink or warming. Those with the soul is to the speed and height, cut surface of superbly equipped rollers, well, or indulge in the extensive amenities: river fishing, horse carriage ride, driving a snowmobile, and even disco.

Should be put in a separate word for the local cuisine, because nothing tastier guarantee you have not tried: baked vegetables, banosh, barbecue, infusions of mountain herbs, dumplings, potato pancakes, stew meat in casseroles, pancakes and more! New Year’s Eve at all resorts conducted mass celebrations and concert performances for adults and children. In the Carpathians have to come with family, friends, relatives, loved ones and even to – here everyone can find their own unique adventure!