Our partnership project - a house with a stove Hutsul!!!

At a distance of 200 meters from the cottage "Vershina" built a house with a stove. He has a capacity for 4 people, but you can put 6 people, especially if it's kids. Wooden cottage with a beautiful view of the mountains. His feature yavlyaetsya oven.

          The house is always warm and cozy. On the stove can warm up after skiing, you can also "vygret" bad back. It is possible to prepare food, or just look at the blazing fire.

          In the near future we will make a separate section on this house, with a detailed description.

Now the picture of the house and its interior appearance.

Entrance to the house.

We fall into the hall, veranda, where you can celebrate the New Year, without taking up space in your kitchen or room.

Porch with large windows that would feel and see it

In the hallway to the kitchen to get.

From the kitchen you can go to the room with the stove.

We go up the wooden stairs to the second floor, where the master bedroom.


Here is a cozy bedroom.

The view from the balcony on the descent.