Holidays in the Carpathians in the summer!

In this section, I will tell you about the rest of the Carpathians, or how you can relax at the "Vershina."

Since many people are traveling to the Carpathian Mountains for the first time, that they are interested in what you can do, how to spend the time to relax and memorable.

Of course, for every vacation is something individual and personal. Different people put in a word a different meaning and, accordingly, resting in its own way. We heed the wishes of our guests and then recommend how and what to do would be worth in Yaremche and beyond. We very much help in organizing the rest, in most cases, we also plan to accompany and recreation. We have in this sense is a big advantage - we do not have a liaison between the owners and our guests. We communicate directly with the guests and are always close at the right moment. But at the same time there are people who love and passive recreation, peace and quiet that they had not bothered ....... in this case we are somewhere there, but we do not.

For me (Dmitry) at rest is important to have contact with a person, preferably with the owner, who can help, if needed, or simply provide advice. But as is often the case in many hotels: you have heard and assimilated))). We all have some unforeseen situation, but not all worthy come from such situations. On this very important to us communicating with people who come to the cottage, "Vershina." We have two big advantages - it is an unusual place (who was, he already knows :) and chat with our guests. I can safely say that people come to us very good and interesting people!

Summer holidays in the Carpathians.

And actually now I'll write some about how you can spend time relaxing on the "Vershina". Partly because there are many places you can go or go ........... and so this article will be updated and supplemented.

Let's begin ......


If we move from a cottage in the woods, then a 15 minute walk we will see inflows of the Prut River - Zhonka mountain stream. Here you can sunbathe, dive, or just listen to the sound of the river.

 Отдых в лесу на речке....вблизи коттеджа


Going against the tide can come to Forest Falls.маленький каскад водопадов. отдых в яремче


It is a route - the valley Yavir and mountains Gorgan. There we often are leading the guests, there is very nice.

  This is a panorama of the valley Yavir
фантастический вид на Яремче. Вот это Карпаты!


Kindle a fire for potatoes))))) Заслуженный отдых на поляне Явирнык


«The locals»Черногривые лошадки)


If you go higher, you can climb to the GorganВот это вид!!!!!!!!!!  Ради этого стоит приезжать в Карпаты отдыхать.



Взгляд в светлое будущее


We also offer a visit to go and see the waterfall, "Hook." It is located in a. Mykulychin.Водопад Гук. Отдых в Карпатах с коттеджем


There and in Yaremche is a waterfall "girlish tears»Отдых в Яремче - водопад


This is near the Yablunitskogo pass.Карпаты весной



Рыбалка в Карпатах




There are various interesting places, it all depends on the willingness of all depends on what one wants to see. We in turn will help to feel what a real vacation in the Carpathian Mountains.