Comfortable rooms with a fireplace and oven-stove bench ready to take their guests!

Starting from January 1, 2013, we are ready to take more and more visitors. Since we now have two double rooms. They are in the vicinity of our main kottezhda "top", at the distance of 200 m.

           The rooms are in a new big house. This house has four comfortable rooms and a Russian bath. At the moment, visitors take one room with a fireplace and one with a stove, stove bench. As with last year, our operating room with a stove, heater.

           Each room has 45 square meters of the total area of which is reserved for 27m.kv living room. The room is equipped with a kitchen and sanitary faience with shower.

Some photos around the house and the surroundings themselves available.

Entrance to the house.

Entrance to the room.

A room with a stove.